Mission Statement

The Hubbardston Community Theatre, Inc. seeks to provide a theatrical experience to children and families throughout the Hubbardston Community. Our emphasis is on learning and growth of artistic expression through the discipline of theatre in an environment that fosters co-operative effort and support. As a volunteer-run, non-profit organization, we encourage the involvement of the community in the joys of the theatre.

​​We are the Board of Directors of Hubbardston Community Theatre and we welcome you to our new season. We are thrilled that you or the actor in your home has decided to be part of the magic we create together. Every one of us is here because once upon a time a child of ours wanted to put on a costume and makeup and wait behind the red velvet curtain for their cue to become someone else for a time. None of us entered with theatre experience but we’ve learned together over the years, making mistakes along the way. We look forward to meeting you and encourage you to introduce yourself during rehearsals and attend any of our meetings if you think you might like to get more involved. Board meetings will be held monthly on an on-going basis. Production meetings will be held regularly during January – March and will be announced over the website.

Donna Farrell, President
Amanda Schuster, Vice President​
Randi Marcinkiewicz​​, Treasurer
Kirsten Ramsey, Secretary
Jennifer Labrousse ​
Nicole Sturgis 

Our 2024 Production!