Here are the costume requirements. Many costume pieces will be provided, the list below is what each actor should get for themselves. We will be adding to this list so make sure to check back. Thank you! 

* All ensemble child actors will need black 
ballet slippers/flats unless ​we tell you

​​​​​Blue Fairy - Black Slippers/Flats
Rosa - Red Slippers/Flats
Viola - Purple Slippers/Flat
Arancia - Orange Slippers/Flats
Sue - Gray or Black Slippers/Flats​​​​

Gepetto - Brown shoes, brown mid-high socks

Marionette - White short sleeved shirt, high white socks, black slippers/flats​

Ringleader - White button up shirt, black shoes, black pants

​Buonragazzo - Black or brown shoes, black pants, white button up shirt

Junior - Black slippers/flats, black pants, white button up shirt 

Signora Giovanni - Black slippers/flats

​Town Fathers - Black shoes, black pants, white button down shirt

Per​fect Children - Black slippers + boys - regular white socks

Roustabouts - Black shoes, black pants, white t-shirts

Delinquents - Black slipper/flats, high dark colored socks, solid pants or shorts

School Children - Black slippers/flats, White button up shirt, high white socks

Fathers - Dark shoes, dark pants, button up shirt 

Mothers - Dark slippers/flats (we will talk to you individually)

Children - Black slippers/flats, solid shorts, pants or overalls, socks - we will be working on children individually, some will need just an item or 2 to round out their costume.  They will let you know what they need from home.