Here is the beginning of our costume requirements. Also, if anyone has any newsboy hats that we can use, please bring them into rehearsal. We will be looking for LOTS of hats :-) 

* All ensemble actors will need black ballet slippers unless we tell you otherwise. 

Crutchie - brown pants and tan shirt (short or long sleeved)

Davey - drab pants (gray, brown, etc)​

Les - drab pants (gray, brown, etc)​

Wiesel - black dress pants, striped dress shirt

Nunzio - brown pants

Delancey Brothers - black pants, long sleeved button shirt ​

Bunsen & Seitz - striped dress pants 

Guards - Black pants

Stage Manager - Black pants

Governor Teddy Roosevelt - black dress pants, white dress shirt​

Newsies - drab pants or knickers (gray, brown, tan, blue, striped) and a drab older looking shirt or sweater (white, gray, tan, plaid, blue, checked, striped) Shirts can be long or short sleeved or sleeveless

*you can provide your own newsboy hat if you want, if not we will be buying and making some. 

The following Newsies need costume pieces stated above +

Elmer, Scabs - we will supply shirts